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What is Tunngle?

Tunngle is a so-called VPN (virtual private network). This means that it simulates a LAN (local area network) which allows players to start a game in network mode rather than internet mode. Usually this works better than playing at the official servers, meaning that the game will less likely lose synchronisation.

In contrast to Hamachi, Tunngle allows up to 255 users per network and works just as reliable as the aforementioned. Also, Tunngle does not require management of the network in the sense that users are not permanently added, taking slots even when not active.

Where can I get it?

You can download a free version of Tunngle here.

What do I need to do to make it work?

After installing and starting Tunngle, you need to create an account or simply login if you already own one. Once you've logged in successfully, this main window awaits you:

Next, in this window, look for the "Network Search" field to the top left. Type in "Cold War Crisis" like this:

Press Enter. The network window in the middle shows the CWC Network named "Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour - Cold War Crisis Mod". Select this network:

Double-click and wait for a moment, Tunngle will connect to the network and create your own virtual IP (remember, this is a virtual private network). Done:

Almost there! Make sure your friends (or foes) are also in this network before starting CWC using the launcher (or manually). In CWC, go to "Options" and make sure the game's "LAN IP" equals the "Virtual IP" in Tunngle, just like this:

Note: If you want to play in an actual LAN (e.g. at your home), make sure the "LAN IP" is set to your actual local network IP.

After that, you just click "Multiplayer", "Network" and you should be able to play with all other people in the Tunngle network.

Are there any risks?

None that we know of. In contrast to Hamachi, Tunngle does not automatically activate Windows file sharing but uses a proprietary protocol (which you must activate). In other words, Tunngle is safe.

Is there some kind of official CWC network?

Well yes, you've just joined THE official CWC network.

What about mismatches?

Mismatches occur when the game loses synchronization between the players of the match. In other words, the game is unable to make sure everything happens at the same time for all players. This may happen due to:

    * Bad CWC installations (e.g. you have other mods installed that interfere with your game, you use a no-CD crack to circumvent the copy protection, you've fiddled with the game's files and forgot about it). Easiest solution is to uninstall and reinstall CWC following our guides.

    * Bad internet connections (i.e. your connection speed is inadequate or you have time-outs where the connection between your computer and the net gets cut off for milliseconds). Solutions include switching from WLAN to LAN, i.e. connecting your computer to the modem/router via cable and updating your network card's and/or router's firmware.

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