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You can apply by sending an email to webmaster [at] cold-war-crisis [dot] de containing the name you registered here in the forums and your home country (so that people from the same parts of the world can be in the same groups). By entering the tournament you accept all rules stated below.

The total number of slots is 16. If more than 16 players apply, participants will be chosen by lot.
The 16 participants will be divided into 4 groups of 4 players each.

Preliminary Round
Each player will battle the other 3 participants in his or her group. The first and second player of each group will proceed to the finals.

Placement Rules
Players will be ranked by points. A player who wins a game receives 1 point. If two players have an equal amount of points, the winner of their battle is ranked higher. If there are still not 2 leading players after the application of this rule, the ratio of lost and destroyed units will be considered.

The finals will be played as a normal single elimination tournament.


  • The map will be chosen randomly for each match.
  • The players are free to select either USA, USSR or let the game choose a random faction in each match.
  • Each match will be spectated by a referee who will make sure that the rules are observed and can disqualify people.
  • The usage of any bugs or exploits to gain an advantage over the other player as well as foul language can lead to warnings or immediate disqualification.
  • If a player disconnects, it is up to the referee if the game has to be replayed or if the player who lost the connection loses the match (depending on the situation of the player).
    A participant can only replay one game during the whole tournament though. If he disconnects a second time, he loses the match automatically.
  • The two players of a match can decide on their own when they want to play (in a certain range, see below). All according conversations have to be held here in the forums though, visible to the moderators (there will be a thread for each game).
  • Both players have to save the replay and a screenshot of the score after the match. Both have to be posted in the thread mentioned above.


Participants have to sign up for the tournament until Thursday, 23.10.2008, 23:59, UTC + 1.

The participating players and groups will be announced on Friday, 24.10.2008, which is also when the preliminary round will start. The players will have one week to complete the matches against the 3 other players in their group. Again, the exact time will have to be discussed in the CWC forums, and only games spectated by a referee will be counted.

The finals will begin on Friday, 31.10.2008.


Of course there will be some prizes for the first, second and third place which will be announced soon.


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