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Welcome to the "Perfect Installation" Guide for Cold War Crisis.

This guide will help you through the installation of CWC and point to the most common mistakes and problems encountered.

1. Prerequisites - What to prepare BEFORE installation

    1.1. Verify if you have the latest .NET Framework. If not, or you have any doubt, use Windows Update to install the latest available version.

    1.2. IF you have the original standalone Zero Hour, please go to 1.2.1., IF you have The First Decade, please go to 1.2.2.

    ___1.2.1. Verify if you have the latest patch v1.04 for Zero Hour. If not, or you have any doubt, download (English/International) or download (German) and install.

    ___1.2.2. Verify if you have the latest patch v1.02 for The First Decade. If not, or you have any doubt, download (English/International) or download (German) and install.

    1.3. Verify if you have the latest/some version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If not, or you have any doubt, download and install.

    1.4. Verify that you have NO other mods installed that leave data in your Zero Hour directory! Most major mods do not leave any data because they use mod-launchers (CrosuS, ModToaster) or have own starters (V|GO, Shockwave).

    ___1.4.1. IF you have any doubt, uninstall your Zero Hour, delete the remaining folder, if persistent. Also check in "My Documents"/"Eigene Dateien" for remaining data from Zero Hour placed in the directory "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data".

    1.5. Verify if your installation of Zero Hour works at all. To do this, simply start the game and if you reach the main menu, you've passed the test.

2. Installing - What to do FOR/DURING installation

    2.1. Download Cold War Crisis from one of the official mirrors.

    2.2. Download the manual and read it while your system still downloads CWC....

    2.3. When the download is finished, double click the exe file you downloaded and wait for the installer to start.

    2.4. IF you have the original standalone Zero Hour, please continue to 2.4.1., IF you possess The First Decade, please go to 2.4.2.

    ___2.4.1. You have the original Zero Hour, the installer will automatically select the right directory to install CWC.

    ___2.4.2. You have The First Decade, the installer will NOT be able to automatically detect the right directory for installation but will simply detect the directory in which The First Decade is installed. Thus, when asked for the installation path, please manually navigate to the Zero Hour subdirectory of The First Decade.

3. Starting - What to do BEFORE playing

    3.1. After the installation is complete, the installer asks whether you want to start the Cold War Crisis starter directly. You can decide to do so or start CWC from the desktop shortcut. When you use Windows Vista or 7, politely decline and read the following paragraph!

    3.2. IF you have Windows Vista or 7, please note that you have to start ColdWarCrisis.exe (which is the starter) with admin rights/privileges. Else, only the original Zero Hour will be launched by the starter.

    3.3. The starter will first verify you have the latest version of CWC installed. If not, it will automatically ask you if you want it to download the latest patch. Keeping your installation up-to-date is highly recommended!

4. Playing

    4.1. Start Cold War Crisis using the starter and learn how to play CWC in our tutorial mission (Singleplayer -> Operations -> Question mark symbol) or get bashed by the AI in a Skirmish game or even try to defeat an online adversary using Tunngle.

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