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    C&C Mods:
     Let's celebrate  More than 150 views
     Written by: SHADOW, on 20.04.2014, 18:44 Uhr.
    Ten years ago CWC was revealed to the public.

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     What a great day to celebrate!  More than 150 views
     Written by: Skleni, on 20.04.2013, 13:59 Uhr.
    On April 20th, 2004 CWC was released to the public, which happens to be exactly 9 years ago today. That's a great reason to celebrate, if you ask us. But before we open the champagne, we also have two announcements to make:

    Our forum is even older than the mod itself, and we had to close it for new registrations a while back. Starting today, we want to provide an easier and more modern way for you to stay in contact with us, which is why we created a

    Be sure to like it and spread the word! It will keep you informed about possible updates or other CWC related news.

    Which brings us to the second announcement. If you ever got bored by CWC, you now need to find another excuse for not playing it anymore. Today, on our 9th birthday, we proudly present

    For those of you who don't know yet, that's the codename for a random map generator for CWC. It can generate complete and fully playable skirmish maps in a matter of seconds. And do you know what's even better? It's open source! You can download, modify or extend the source code.

    So now, on to the party!

    So long, enjoy,
    the CWC team

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     Merry Christmas! More than 15 replys More than 150 views
     Written by: Skleni, on 24.12.2012, 19:51 Uhr.
    Hey guys,

    we want to wish you

    Merry Christmas!

    Hopefully you can all enjoy the last few days of the year.

    Since christmas really is not about the presents (or is it?), we have something else for you instead: a little teaser


    the CWC-Team

     [ Topic | Comments: 83 | 38635 Views | Write comment...]

     11th annual Mod of the Year awards  More than 150 views
     Written by: Widowmaker, on 03.12.2012, 11:06 Uhr.
    Hey guys!

    once again it's time for the ModDB's 11th annual "Mod of the Year" contest .

    For those of you who already now what this is all about, simply head over to ModDB and select your favorite mods (and hopefully CWC).

    We were able to make it into the "Top 100" 6th times in a row since we started CWC in 2004 till 2010, last year we didn't make it into the Top 100 - but can we do it again?

    With your help we hope to achieve it again this year for the 7th time. Show them that CWC is still loved and played by many people around the globe.

    Details about the contest and the rules and the prizes can be found here .

    To nominate a mod for the "Top 100" just click the "Vote" button in the mod's profile. Our profile can be found by clicking the pic below.

    So long,
    the CWC-Team

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     Forum Registration deactivated More than 15 replys More than 150 views
     Written by: 2312222, on 18.09.2011, 23:10 Uhr.
    Hello everyone!

    Just to let you know, we deactivated the option to register with our forums since we had some problems with spambots lately. Of course, users who are already registered may use the forums with no limitation. All new users may solely search the forums.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience, but at the same time, there's been little action lately and most topics have been discussed and are thus now archived for everyone to read.

    Thanks and greetings,

    the CWC-Team

     [ Topic | Comments: 19 | 21449 Views | Topic closed!]

    More than 15 replys More than 15 replys More than 150 views More than 150 views[ Archive]

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    What a great day to celebrate!
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    02.02.2014, 10:26
    by: liamNL
    zum letzten Beitrag gehen21.02.2014, 08:15
    by: sweln
    Mac OS with Intel processor.
    Forum: Technical Assistance and Bug Reporting
    21.12.2013, 01:52
    by: BliTTzZ

    Umfrage: Which maps do you play most of the time?
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    2 players - advanced skirmish
    3 players - skirmish
    4 players - skirmish

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